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Research + Design projects are designed and built by teams that consist of like minded individuals from a broad range of disciplines.

















We collaborate with talented people and commercial and creative businesses.


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Crystal Hopwood

Architectural design, office management

Amity,West Grove,Chy An Dowr, Seaview, Kenmare


Ludovic Bacon

Architectural design and presentation

Pennycomequick, Plymouth Mews, Private residences Newton Ferrers


Giulia Scaramuzzi

Architectural design and presentation,website and promotional development

Devonport Bandstand,Woodland Terrace,Private residences Newton Ferrers,Parco Solare Competition


Julie Landemarre

Architectural design and presentation

Parco Solare Competition, Private residences Newton Ferrers


Andreas Nann

Architectural design, Gornal Wood Cemetary and Crematorium


Nick Walker

Architectural Assistant, Kenmare


Ebony Dodgen

Architectural Technician, Devonport Park Bandstand

Ben Tapscott

Architectural Technician, Devonport Bandstand


Izzy Bascoy

Architectural Technician, modelmaking



Darius Hague

Exhibit Fabrication, Model making


Conal Stubbs

Architectural design, office management

Barbican Cafe, residential projects


Jesus Garcia Perojie

Architectural design and presentation

Barbican Cafe, Resisdential projects


Matic Kuer

Architectural design and presentation

Outdoor Sculpture Courtyard, Residential Extensions, Student Accomodation Block,

Spiritual Space


Simone Plassard

Architectural design, office management

Ice Rink, Residences


Andrea Ghenzi

Architectural design, London garden project


Fanni Weihmüller

Website Design

Contributors and collaborators for current and past projects:

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